Giant Shark vs Mega Octopus meets Piranha 3D

This was going to be a post about our often choosing Apple products over others and specifically why we opted for a iTunes £50 voucher for our soon-to-finish raffle. I was going to pick up on the open vs closed app store debate, last seen on the SocialSafe blog or focus in on the rumours abound about Apple TV or Apple iTV (good luck with that guys!)

It was only when I had a quick look at what movies you could rent from iTunes that my quest for an appropriate post ended. Piranhas, sharks and octopus. Mega and in 3D

How could I talk about anything other than big fish wanting to eat people?

Obviously I’ve missed some sort of craze and I’m totally out of sync. Forget old school classics, it’s all about ugly fish trying to kill you, most likely in 3D. Piranha 3D is out Friday, but this is by no means the first of recent films.

Should you win the voucher you’d be lucky enough to be able to watch such new born classics as: ‘Mega Piranha’. It has DS Lite CGI effects and a script that was mistakenly recovered from a recycle bin (remove to shred folks). The trailer on iTunes is a riveting scene, and worth a watch if you want a laugh. I’m gutted to say they only had the official trailer on youtube – hopefully you’ll enjoy it all the same:

It doesn’t end there. If you haven’t had enough giant fishy fun you can get the cracker: ‘Giant Shark vs Mega Octopus’ (place your bets now…). My personal favourite line from the trailer has to be ‘This fish is a … menace’ but before I spoil it too much, here’s the trailer:

So I know what I’ll not be wasting my money on but what would you buy/avoid if you won £50 of iTunes vouchers? (iTunes vouchers are good for music, films and applications)

This iTunes charity raffle finishes Wednesday 17th August 5pm, and is only 50p a ticket. Click to get your tickets now

Ba bye


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