We made online donating fun

Thanks for checking out Raffle.it.  We’ve now had to shelve this project to focus our energies elsewhere.

We had a great time developing Raffle.it and even managed to help lots of charities raise a little extra money without the normal stresses that entails. We had over 50 variations of the site, each with custom branding, closed hundreds of raffles and entertained thousands of players. We raffled money can’t buy gifts and opportunities, gadgets and chocolates. We even had a house briefly on the site, but that one didn’t work out. We had people offering their bodies, wanting to fund movies and on the other side, players trying to beat the system.

It was a great ride.

Thank you so much to all the charities that took a chance on our crazy venture.

Thank you to each and every player for trusting us, helping us spread the word, and making us smile with your genuine excitement.

Thank you to the companies that were so generous with prize donations and ticket rewards.

And finally, thank you to the investors and the small team that made Raffle.it a reality, even if it was only for a couple of years.

– Pascal

We’d love to find a new home for Raffle.it – if you think that might be you, please get in touch!


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